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Frequently Asked Questions


Defining PREP Classes and How Your Family Can Benefit Most from PREP Classes

Is PREP a private Christian school?

No. This program is a cooperative effort between Christian teachers and homeschooling parents.
Parents decide which classes to register for on an individual basis. We don't offer a full-day program, assemblies, sports, or extra-curricular activities.
PREP classes supplement, not replace, what the parent is doing at home.

Does PREP provide a transcript?

No.  It is up to the homeschooling parent to provide any transcript that is needed by their student.
What Classes are recommended for each grade level?
To read the class recommendations for Jr. High and High School students, you can click on the link: What to Take When?

When is registration considered complete?

Registration is complete when all forms and fees are received.

What happens if a class does not receive enough registrations to reach its minimum enrollment?

The teacher will notify the parents and those parents will have the choice of keeping their student enrolled in the class in case it makes its minimum, or withdraw their registration at that time and have all fees refunded.

Fee and Tuition Payments

How and when should tuition payments be made?

By registering for a class, you are committing to pay for the full year, but teachers allow parents to pay it out on a monthly or semester basis. Tuition is paid directly to each teacher according to their guidelines. Check with each teacher regarding late fees, drop fees, and any discount for pre-payment. 

Any fees unpaid at the end of the year will prevent registration for the next year.
If a student misses a class will they receive a credit for tuition?

No. Tuition is due whether a student attends class or not.

How are Teacher Absences / Cancellations Handled?
If a teacher must be absent, they will arrange for a substitute. If a substitute is not available and the teacher must cancel, they will notify parents via email as soon as possible. Parents should check their email each PREP day before leaving for class in case a class has been cancelled. In case all classes must be cancelled due to inclement weather, etc., we will post a notice on the website under "News." Students who are at PREP when a class is cancelled will go to study hall at the teacher's expense.
Teachers have worked two (2) cancellations per year into their tuition. If a class is cancelled more than two (2) times per year parents may deduct 25% of one month's tuition from the next month's tuition, unless the teacher makes some other arrangement. NO deductions may be made for students missing class for any reason, or classes taught by substitutes, or first two classes cancelled in any school year by a teacher, or classes that do not meet in recognition of a holiday.  Holidays have been worked into the year's tuition and are not considered a cancelled class.

Picking Up and Dropping Off

What happens if students are picked up late?

According to the PREP Conduct Agreement students must be picked up on time. If a student is picked up more than ten (10) minutes late, they will be sent to study hall and parents agree to pay the appropriate charges. If a student is picked up more that ten (10) minutes late at the end of the day, parents agree to pay $5/quarter hour to the person who stayed late with their student.

What happens if students are dropped off early?

According to the PREP Conduct Agreement students may not be dropped off more than five (5) minutes before class. If they are left before that time they must wait in study hall and parents are responsible for the charges.

Are students allowed to leave campus alone?

No. The only students who are allowed to leave campus alone are students who are driving themselves and have a permission slip signed by their parents in the PREP office.

Behavior and Dress Code

How is the Dress Code handled?

The dress code is clearly stated in the Conduct Agreement and can be referred to there.

All students are required to wear a polo or collared shirt (appropriate length, not form-fitting) to be purchased by the parents. Generally, dress is to be modest and not offensive. Please pay attention to your children's dress before they leave for PREP.

How is Discipline Handled?

The discipline policy is explained in the Conduct Agreement. Teachers will handle discipline in their classroom as they see fit.

We recommend that the first time a student must be disciplined that the parent be notified by the teacher and the two of them work out how to handle the situation. The second time there is an offense by the same student the teacher may ask the parent to attend class with the student.

If the situation cannot be resolved at that point the student may be dismissed from PREP Classes.

Any student can be dismissed at any time from PREP Classes if their behavior is in violation of any part of the conduct agreement.

How is Cheating Handled?

Cheating is not acceptable behavior in a classroom or in life. For that reason, it will not be tolerated. However, because that is something that would transpire during a class or in relation to a class, it is up to the individual teacher what the consequences will be for any incident of cheating. As with any other violation of conduct, a student may be dismissed from the program.

Study Hall

How does Study Hall Work?

Study Hall is available at both campuses.

If your student will need to stay in Study Hall during a break between their classes, you should be sure we have a signed permission slip for our records. Those permission slips are available online and at the mandatory Parent / Student Orientation Meetings in August.

The cost for study hall is $2.00/half hour.

If your student has a one-time need for study hall, they may stay as long as there is space available, and they should pay before they leave. If there is an emergency, or a class is cancelled unexpectedly we will find a way to accommodate every student involved.

Lunches, Snacks, etc

Since many students are on campus at lunch time and there is no set lunch break, teachers understand that they need an opportunity to eat if they are to learn well. Teachers have their own rules about students eating quietly in class. It is important to follow those rules as well any church policy about food. Students can bring easy-to-eat snacks to eat between classes or in study hall. Students may eat quietly in study hall at any time during the day.

How do I Register for Classes?
Registration is done online via the PREP website.

PREP Fundraising

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